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Easement Information Center

In 2014, the North Dakota Petroleum Council formed a Right-of-way Task Force to address the issues surrounding easements. The task force consisted of industry representatives, regulatory representatives and landowners (represented by the Northwest Landowners Association and Dunn County Landowners Association). Over the course of several months, the task force identified lack of information and unclear communication as one of the roadblocks between landowners and companies looking to obtain easements. With that in mind, this page and the following documents were created. This information is intended to serve as background and a starting point for landowners entering the easement process. In another effort to facilitate communication between industry and landowners, we'll be working to create a easement resource liason in each county.


  1. Easements 101

  2. Easement and Pipeline FAQ

  3. Land Agent Code of Conduct

This code of conduct has been provided to North Dakota Petroleum Council member companies, and is what a landowner should expect when working with a land agent.

  1. Summary of the Project Scope

This document has been provided to North Dakota Petroleum Council members and should accompany an easement offering. As a landowner, please feel free to print this document and use it to gather essential information on the proposed project.

  1. Pipeline Company Contact Information

Contact information should accompany any easement offering or contract, but we understand that this information may be lost or change over time. In an effort to facilitate communication between landowners and pipeline companies, we have compiled a list of contacts for pipeline companies operating in North Dakota. The person listed may not be your final destination for questions or other issues, but is a local contact that will be able to help you locate the correct individual.

  1. Pipeline incident report form

The North Dakota Industrial Commission's Department of Mineral Resources has provided an online incident report form. In the event that you encounter an issue with an easement on your property and your communications with the company have not resulted in satisfactory resolution, please complete this form.