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Hoeven and Interior Secretary Salazar meet: USGS to reassess Williston Basin reserves

Senator John Hoeven today said U.S. Interior Department Secretary Ken Salazar has agreed to the Senator’s request to update estimates of recoverable oil reserves in the Williston Basin to generate a long-term outlook for production potential and infrastructure investment in the region.

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Oil Can! Program focuses on education and outreach

Listen first. Respect others. Develop partnerships. These principles are at the heart of the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s Oil Can! program.

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Oil industry monitors and responds to impact

A new study released today reveals the petroleum industry is monitoring and responding to the impact of oil and natural gas development in North Dakota.

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Economic impact of petroleum industry triples in size

A new study released today reveals the petroleum industry has nearly tripled in size since 2005.

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Energy industry wants lower taxes

The energy industry wants the Legislature to remove protections once implemented to help when times were tough.

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Bringing order to oil taxes OK

North Dakota state government has benefited significantly from taxes paid by the oil and gas industry.

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Oil impact on state budget

Unlike much of the rest of the nation, the state of North Dakota has a budget surplus, thanks to the oil boom.

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Questions about pipeline safety

Pipeline explosions and similar oilfield mishaps have been occurring with more frequency as oil activity increases in North Dakota.

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Oil industry want simpler rates, lower taxes

State oil producers would like to simplify the way they are taxed and are proposing a lower rate on new wells.

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Corps plans to open tap to oil industry, but at a price

A vast amount of Lake Sakakawea water could be siphoned off for oil well drilling, but it won’t be free.

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