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Running with Oil series

On August 15, the Fargo Forum unveiled a series titled “Running With Oil.” This series was one of the largest journalism projects in the Forum Communications’ history and included nearly 45 articles and videos.

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Tex Hall elected chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes

After a four-year absence, Tex Hall is back to lead the Three Affililiated Tribes on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

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Measure 1 passes, permanent savings account to be created

In yesterday’s statewide election voters made the decision to pass Measure 1, which calls for the establishment of a North Dakota Legacy Fund.

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North Dakota agencies respond to oil well leak in Dunn County

On the morning of September 1, Denbury Onshore, LLC, reported that a wellbore failed in the course of a hydraulic fracturing operation at a drilling rig about 2.5 miles southwest of Killdeer, ND.

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Petroleum Council Annual Meeting slated for September 21-23

The 29th Annual Meeting of the North Dakota Petroleum Council membership is slated for September 21-23 in Minot, ND.

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Letter to the editor: Hydraulic fracing is critical

The recent documentary “Gasland” has created a variety of misconceptions recently cited in an August 10 letter to the editor about hydraulic fracturing, a process that has been used safely for more than 60 years in more than 1 million wells to produce oil and natural gas which are critical to our nation’s energy security.

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More more more: State hopes to assess oil boom needs

Not long ago, a good number for new workers needed every year in the oil patch was 1,200. Turns out, that’s yesterday’s news. The new number is likely much higher, just like every other measure of furiously-paced activity in North Dakota’s oil fields.

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“Golf for the Gulf” Charity Open

Ward Williston Oil Company announced today that it will sponsor the Golf for the Gulf Charity Open on August 11 to raise funds for unemployed oil workers and fishermen in Louisiana.

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The Oil Can Extra

The Oil Can Extra was published as a supplement to the Tioga Tribune on July 21.

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Hoeven and Pomeroy comment to EPA regarding hydraulic fracturing study

Hoeven and Pomeroy submitted written comments to the EPA regarding a proposed study on hydraulic fracturing.

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