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The ND Oil PAC simply promotes good government through involvement of industry members and support of candidates who understand the oil and gas industry. The ND Oil PAC’s by-laws include the following items in the description of the group’s purposes:

  • Collect funds to support candidates and issues within the state.
  • Identify candidates whose positions best serve good government and the North Dakota oil and gas industry.
  • Distribute funds to candidates selected by the ND Oil PAC.

Who can join the ND Oil PAC?

The ND Oil PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, unincorporated committee of individual oil stakeholders and others interested in the exploration and development of oil and gas in North Dakota. (Corporate contributions are prohibited.)

Who determines how the funds are used?

The ND Oil PAC’s Directors determine which issues and candidates should receive support and allocate how much funding each candidate or issue shall receive. Anyone making an investment of $200 or more is a voting Director.

ND Oil PAC’S role in politics

The ND Oil PAC is made up of employees, business owners, and anyone with an interest in the state’s petroleum industry. People associated with the oil and gas business need political advocacy the same as other groups. The ND Oil PAC supports political candidates whose positions support the petroleum industry and the business community in general.

The ND Oil PAC is a way for you to have a more effective voice in North Dakota politics at this critical time in our state’s history when one individual can do little to shape the policies of an ever-growing government. WE URGE YOU TO SUPPORT YOUR INDUSTRY AND JOIN THE ND OIL PAC.

Click here to view and print a contribution form for the ND Oil PAC.

ND Oil PAC hosts various events each year. For more information, visit the events calendar.