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The Association

The North Dakota Petroleum Council's (NDPC) purpose is to provide governmental relations support to the more than 490 companies it represents who are involved in all aspects of the oil and gas industry including oil and gas production, refining, pipeline, mineral leasing, consulting, legal work, and oil field service activities in North Dakota, South Dakota, and the Rocky Mountain region. The NDPC is also supported by members of the American Petroleum Institute (API) who have interests in North Dakota and South Dakota.

The NDPC has been the primary voice of the oil and gas industry in North Dakota since 1952. The association has a long history of legislative and regulatory success in North Dakota, which has led to a favorable business climate for the oil and gas industry in the Williston Basin. Through the years, NDPC has evolved from a division of the American Petroleum Institute with support from the Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Association (RMOGA) and eventually the North Dakota Oil and Gas Association (NDOGA), to the present structure as a standalone association.

North Dakota Petroleum Council's Goals:

  • Provide value to the membership.
  • Improve the image and presence of the oil and gas industry in North Dakota.
  • Represent the membership and industry on legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Deliver positive results on issues of importance to the membership.
  • Increase the membership and members involved in association activities.

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