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Ad Hoc Committee Sign-up

As the focus on oil and gas development has increased in North Dakota over the last several years, so has the complexity and extent of issues addressed by the North Dakota Petroleum Council. The Board of Directors hopes to take advantage of its members' expertise and encourages those interested to volunteer for the effort of developing our industry presence.

The intent of establishing ad hoc committees is to provide a resource of technical knowledge and expertise used to analyze issues that arise in industry-related areas. The committees will serve as a resource for the Petroleum Council to utilize in addressing complex issues and providing guidance to the Petroleum Council on key issues.

To become a committee member, fill out the fields below and submit your information. You must be a voting member of the North Dakota Petroleum Council to serve on ad hoc committees.

  • Communication Committee – This committee will be responsible for promoting the Petroleum Council’s message and assisting in communication efforts such as advertising, selecting topics for the Tidbits newsletter, and making use of social media devices to share timely information. Members will also report on ways to expand the Petroleum Council’s presence through various mediums including print, radio, television and the Internet.
  • Outreach Committee – This committee will provide the leadership and vision for community outreach and continued development of our Oil Can! program.
  • Regulatory Committee – This committee will review regulatory and legal issues relating to oil and gas development and make recommendations to the Petroleum Council Executive Committee on key issues. The committee will also develop comment letters and position statements on regulatory and legal issues for the Petroleum Council.
  • Safety Committee – This committee will work with key entities in North Dakota to improve industry efforts in all areas of safety, including transportation, well site safety, public outreach, etc.
  • Tribal Lands Committee – This committee will work with tribal and regulatory officials on key issues relating to oil and gas development on tribal lands.
  • Truck Permits & Weights Committee – This committee will address issues relating to motor vehicle transportation including Department of Transportation issues, permits, weight limit issues, etc.

*You may select more than one committee. Please be sure you have selected only those committees you wish to join before submitting your information. If you are interested in following a committee of which you are not a member, please select the "correspondence only" checkboxes below.


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